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Cardioprotection - at the heart of long-term haemodialysis

Chronic kidney disease (CKD), as well as dialysis itself, can lead to cardiovascular alterations such as atherosclerosis and left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH), the largest causes of death in haemodialysis patients.1

Fresenius Medical Care's mission is to enable nephrologists to provide the best possible therapy for their long-term haemodialysis patients in order to minimise the risk of CVD.

The central point of Cardioprotective Haemodialysis is haemodiafiltration. By achieving high subsitution volumes, HighVolumeHDF® therapy is credited with more effective elimination of middle molecules. With its numerous positive effects on cardiovascular risk factors, HighVolumeHDF® is currently considered as the most efficient renal replacement therapy.

Fresenius Medical Care is focused on continuous development and advancement to meet the changing requirements of dialysis today. Therefore, we are always in search of opportunities for improvement. The result of these efforts is our new product line CorDiax, which provides products for superior cardio-protective therapies.

Our latest machine software upgrades the 5008 Therapy System to the CorDiax product line, where it builds a perfect synergy with our FX CorDiax dialysers.

The highlights of this software are an innovative method for performing HighVolumeHDF® - AutoSubplus - and sophisticated safety features for venous access monitoring, allowing you to provide highly safe and effective treatment to your patients.

Learn more about HighVolumeHDF®.

In fact, the new 5008 CorDiax is impressive not only thanks to the best therapy modalities, but also due to the perfect fusion of easy handling and thoughtful use of dialysis-relevant resources, representing the following three cornerstones:

Best therapies

  • Effective removal of middle molecular toxins
  • Defining and achieving the optimal dry weight
  • Individual temperature control
  • Ensuring effective dialysis dose
  • Highest level of patient safety
  • The right fit for paediatric patients

Best handling

  • Optimised ergonomics
  • Comfortable handling due to automated workflows
  • Easy, rapid and safe data management
  • Well-designed user interface

Optimal use of resources

  • Optimised workflows
  • Efficient and sustainable
  • Unmatched service-friendliness

 1 de Jager D. et al., JAMA (2009); 302: 1782 - 1789

Various therapy concepts complement each other, thanks to the flexibility of the new 5008 CorDiax. The 5008 CorDiax is a perfect system for advanced cardioprotective therapies to cope with the growing number of medically challenging patients.


Please refer also to 5008S CorDiax.

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