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Research, Technology, Experience: An Essential Combination for Significant Progress

Fresenius Medical Care is highly innovative and fosters a corporate culture of innovation. We strive to continuously develop and refine dialysis therapies and products as an integral part of our growth strategy.

The principal focus of all our activities is to improve the quality of life for our patients by making advances in therapy and technology.

Innovations from research and development are the key. In combination with a tailored therapy that considers the specific needs of the individual patient we want to further optimize dialysis therapies.

Our commitment to research and development places the very best equipment at patients' disposable today and helps to shape the standards of tomorrow.

Before starting any product development we ask: What can we do better? In the development process our R&D teams builds on our long-term expertise in dialysis, is in close contact to renowned internal and external experts in the field of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

Fresenius Medical Care’s research and development activities benefit from its position as a vertically integrated dialysis company. The fact that we offer both dialysis care and dialysis products is particularly advantageous in the development of new products. We are in a position to benefit from the daily practical experience gathered while providing life-saving treatment to more than 270,000 dialysis patients worldwide – through close contact with doctors, nurses and patients; we know exactly what is expected from our products and therapies.

Fresenius Medical Care’s innovativeness is reflected in the number of patents and patent applications to which we have the rights. At the end of 2013, our patent portfolio comprised some 5,560 property rights in approximately 890 patent families, i.e. groups of patents liked to an invention.

In 2013, 552 full-time employees were working in R&D worldwide. R&D expenditure in 2013 amounted to $126 M. Most activities are carried out at the German sites Schweinfurt and Bad Homburg. Other R&D sites are in St. Wendel (Germany), Bucharest (Romania) and Krems (Austria). In the U.S., we maintain centers of excellence for device development in Concord and Lake Forest, California, and one for the development of dialyzers and other disposable products in Ogden, Utah. Development activities in Hong Kong and Changshu (China) are focused on meeting the growing demand for cost-effective dialysis systems. The global R&D organization coordinats cooperation and technology exchange between the various sites.

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