Dialyzers & Filters

Hemofilters and Plasmafilters

The hemofilter Ultraflux was specifically developed for Continuous Renal Replacement Treatment (CRRT).

The Ultraflux filters contain a Fresenius Polysulfone membrane specially developed for continuous renal replacement therapy. With this membrane, substances with a molecular weight of up to approximately 30,000 Dalton can be eliminated, but plasma proteins like albumin, bigger molecules and cellular blood constituents are retained. The filtration characteristics of this membrane comes close to the natural human kidney's glomeruli.

Due to their high mechanical stability and excellent filter lifetimes, the Ultraflux filters AV 400S, AV600S and AV 1000S are tailormade for use in all continuous renal replacement treatments.

The Plasmaflux filters were specifically developed for plasmapheresis.

PlasmaFlux PSu filters from Fresenius Medical Care enable the elimination of a wide range of substances due to a sieving coefficient of one for molecules with a molelecular weight of up to two million dalton.

  • Diseases treated by therapeutic apheresis
  • Critical care setting
  • Ambulatory care setting
  • New therapeutic approaches

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